Deb Longua-Zamero has designed custom spaces for Hollywood Legends and Icons, a sitting US President, Property Developers, Residential Clients, Corporate Clients, and has designed sets for the Silver Screen. 
"It is an honor to design for such a fun and diverse group of people. I am truly blessed."  
-Deb Longua-Zamero


NORMAN LEAR | ACTIII CEO and Legendary Television Producer

"Deb- I thought I enjoyed my second floor office as much as was possible, thanks to you, but I find that joy and comfort dwarfed by how good I feel in my new office on the ground floor, thanks again to you. I’m grateful for the pleasure you continue to give me.”


MICHAEL LOMBARDO | HBO President of Programming *

"Deb designed two offices for me. Her taste and professionalism are without parallel. In addition, she made the process an absolute joy."

*DLZ designed Michael's office when he was HBO's EVP of Programming, then again when he became HBO's President of Programming


SUE NAEGLE | Television Executive *

“Can I say the woman is amazing? Deb did a great job on my office and she was really terrific to work with. I thought I would pass a long a happy and satisfied gal's recommendation. She's fantastic!"

*DLZ designed Sue's office when she was HBO's President of Entertainment


JOE PETERSON | Exceleration Project Management President

"I want to share how much I appreciate Deb's stellar performance on the many projects we've been involved in since 1998. I wish we could figure out a way to clone her! Actually, that may be hazardous to my health; I couldn't possibly keep up with two Debs. Deb's ability to read situations with the client, read my mind, work her rear-end off to meet intense schedules, follow through on a wide variety of details on the CDs, maintain her excellent sense of humor and still have the design look great are simply indispensable. I deeply respect this balanced set of talents. Her motivation to constantly seek excellence in delivering superior service demonstrates an exemplary attitude."



“I've know Deb since 1993 and it has been a genuine pleasure to have dealt with her professionally while in Washington DC and here in the Los Angeles area. Deb and I have collaborated on demanding projects together, which entailed stringent deadines and at times very demanding clients. Regardless of the complexity of the project, Deb always stood up to the challenge and further exceeded expectations. For this reason, when the opportunity presented itself, Deb was selected to participate on a high-profile project - designing a private office building in Texas for President George H.W. Bush, while he was still in Office. In addition to having an outstanding personality, Deb has always demonstrated to be an optimistic individual with plenty of energy to spare. She is responsible, sincere, candid and capable of dealing with many critical situations set before her." 



“The stars must have been in my favor when Deb came on board to Art Direct my film 'Burls'. Deb is not only professional, detail-oriented and creative, she is also an incredible and giving person. With Deb running the show, I never had to worry about the set design of the film. Her attention to detail was astonishing and made my job as Director much simpler. Her hard work and dedication to the projects she picks are clearly visible. She gets the job done no matter what it takes. I can't wait to work with her again."


“I have worked with Deb for over 10 years.  She was my art director on a feature film and we have collaborated on numerous projects since, outside of the motion picture arena. Just a FIRST CLASS designer and HUMAN BEING every step of the way. Can't say enough about her professionalism, sense of aesthetics and client interaction skills.  A fine artist and a fine individual across the board."